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What problem does this service solve?

Aragon is an Ethereum-based management platform that was designed to empower more people to create and manage decentralized organisations without intermediaries. Aragon allows users to build Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs), along with their essential governing tools. These DAO's are equipped with fund management, token transfers, accounting features, voting capabilities, role assignments, and other critical governance requirements. Their goal is bring DAO structures to the masses with a platform that is easy to use for non-coders.

Company Details

  • Aragon
  • Founded 2017
  • Allows anyone to create and manage decentralized organisations.

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About Aragon

Aragon is an Ethereum based management platform that allows anyone to create and manage autonomous organisations with all of the required governing tools to keep it running, without any knowledge of coding. One of Aragon's unique selling points is its decentralized arbitration feature. It will settle disputes between members of a DAO, which use its platform, by allowing ANT token holders to vote on arbitration system rules that will be automatically enforced. Aragon is building a modular system that will enable all organizations to customize their requirements, and develop their own features on top of the Aragon platform. The ANT token will be used to power their network.

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