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Tezos is a transparent, decentralized, highly secure, smart contract enabled dAPP platfrom. It's similar to Ethereum but with a focus on verification and self-evolving governance.

Company Details

  • Tezos
  • Founded 2018
  • Switzerland
  • Tezos is a self-governing ledger focused on verification.

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About Tezos

Tezos is one of the most polarizing blockchain projects ever. After raising $232 million in the biggest ICO in history, Tezos has gone through a number of community divisions, including class-action lawsuits by disgruntled ICO participants, and internal divisions between top team members.
Tezos is a self-amending platform that uses smart contracts whose focus is on providing a unique on-chain governance mechanisms. The platform has a modular design with an on-chain protocol that upgrades through an optimized Proof of Stake consensus model. Stakeholders may participate in the governance structure. Tezos is designed in OCaml, a dynamic programming language with a number of functional advantages. Tezos also allows for other blockchain based ledgers to be be represented within their platform. Its a promising ecosystem for future blockchain projects because of its unique self-governing mechanisms that have potential to allow many future innovations.
The network is powered by the Tezos coin (XTZ).

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