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XinFin wants to develop a hybrid blockchain that will combine the benefits of a private/permissioned platform with the transparency of a public one.

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XinFin is a blockchain technology company that has developed the XDC protocol. XinFin's hybrid blockchain enables peer-to-peer contracts on a regulated payment infrastructure. Their goal is to create an open source marketplace platform that will reduce inequalities in global finance.
The XDC blockchain is built upon Quorum, a permissioned blockchain developed by J.P. Morgan. Quorum was developed as a layer upon the Go implementation of the
Ethereum protocol. XDC's consensus mechanism allows for new blocks be created in a two-step process. In the first step, the transactions to be included in the new block are voted upon by all participating nodes. In the second step, one node is selected as the leader or block maker randomly. The block maker node then creates the new block.
XInFin is powered by the XDCE token.

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