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Klaytn aims to improve blockchain usability and transaction speeds by employing a hybrid architecture and consensus mechanism.

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Klaytn Coin is the native currency of the Klaytn blockchain. It was developed by the South Korean internet giant, Kakao and is operated by its subsidiary Ground X. Klaytn Coin is designed to power an enterprise-grade, service-centric platform that brings a user-friendly blockchain experience to its users. It has a hybrid architecture that combines elements of public and private blockchains. Klaytn uses an optimized version of the Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus algorithm. There are three types of nodes, CN (Consensus Node), PN (Proxy Node) and EN (Endpoint Node). CNs are managed by CCOs (Core Cell Operators) and are in charge of block generation. These blocks are verified by all nodes in the network.
It has partnerships with multiple prominent companies, including Binance, which serves on their governance council, and several large South Korean banks and technology companies. The company also plans to integrate with OpenSea's NFT marketplace to allow Klaytn-powered NFTs to be sold more easily.

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