Write Congress- Support The Token Taxonomy Act

Tell Your Congressman To Support The Token Taxonomy Act



The Token Taxonomy Act, which was authored by Congressman Warren Davidson, and co-sponsored by several other members of congress, seeks to clarify and streamline the conflicting cryptocurrency regulations that have been adopted in various states.

The proposed legislation would exclude digital tokens from being classified as securities, clarify the jurisdiction of regulators, and eliminate existing state regulations that conflict with the Act

Although The Token Taxonomy Act does not solve all of the legal and regulatory issues in the blockchain industry, it is a good starting point, and will provide the framework to begin a discussion about the comprehensive changes that are needed to allow the United States to remain competitive in this emerging sector.

Write your congressman today and urge them to support the Token Taxonomy Act. You can find your representative here: Find Your Representative

Sample Letter To Congress-Cryptocurrency 

Dear Representative (or Senator),

I am writing to ask that you please support H.R.2144 – Token Taxonomy Act introduced by Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) and Rep. Darren Soto (D-FL). As a constituent, and as a citizen who is becoming increasingly dependent on digital services, I encourage you to join this bipartisan effort to enable the United States to compete effectively in this emerging technology while also protecting consumers.

In the coming years, blockchain technology will play a central role in the advancement of countless industries, and it is imperative that we adjust our laws to reflect this new reality. Only Congress can deliver what we need: comprehensive reform that recognizes the valuable role that digital assets will play in the new economy, while promoting an ecosystem with strong consumer protections.

I support the Token Taxonomy Act because it seeks to clarify and streamline the conflicting Digital Asset regulations within different states. The United States is in urgent need for clear regulations relating to the treatment of digital asset so blockchain innovation can thrive here rather than overseas.

I look forward to your response as well as your support for this bipartisan and forward-thinking legislation.


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