What problem does this service solve?

Molecular Future caters to Chines traders and provides a variety of trading options related to digital currencies.Spectre.ai aims to create a financial trading platform with no brokers or middlemen.

Token Stats

Company Description

Molecular Future is a digital currency management platform. It is powered by the Ethereum-based MOF token. The company is located in Hong Kong and their platform offers a variety of other trading options including hedge funds, crowd funding, mortgage funds, and index funds.

Spectre.ai is a blockchain-based financial trading platform that allows users to trade a variety of digital currencies and other assets. Traders can choose an off-site trading account option and never directly deposit their funds. On-site trades are executed through secure smart contracts that can be independently verified, and are not centrally managed. Spectre's liquidity pool is owned by SXDT token holders, who receive dividend payments from the fees that the platform charges for executing trades.