What problem does this service solve?

HedgeTrade allows users to act on trading information provided by other users.Folkvang allows their clients to leverage their proprietary algorithms to take advantage of more profitable trading opportunities in the Crypto markets.

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Company Description

HedgeTrade is developing a social trading platform that will give incentives for traders to provide accurate predictions about markets. The HedgeTrade platform is designed to allow traders to hedge their risk by using prediction markets an accessing market data from other traders. Users make predictions by creating a smart contract powered Blueprint, that other traders can then unlock with HEDG tokens. If the prediction is correct the user that created the blueprint is rewarded.

Folkvang is a crypto quant trading firm that algorithmically trades a variety of coins. The company, which gets its name from the final resting place for warriors in Norse mythology, specializes in Crypto derivatives and trades actively on a variety of exchanges.