What problem does this service solve?

Aladdin's goal is to allow investors to safely invest in ICO's.Fortuna aims to use blockchain technology to improve efficiency, increase trading volume, and add liquidity to the global OTC derivatives market.

Token Stats

Company Description

Aladdin is developing a blockchain platform to secure initial coin offerings. The Aladdin platform is currently powered by the Ethereum-based ADN token.

Fortuna is developing a blockchain for the derivatives market. Fortuna hopes to leverage the benefits of blockchain to improve the operational efficiency during each step of a transaction, including contract creation, price quoting, contract signing, trading, and clearing. They also hope to introduce a number of decentralized innovations, such as structured smart contracts and a decentralized quote scheme. Users can execute P2P trades and create unique derivatives with different underlying assets, deal structures, time lengths, margin ratios and other transactional characteristics.
Fortuna has an innovative consensus algorithm called DPOSA, which is a variation of Delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS), and gives users that are more active in the network an advantage in the staking process. The platform is powered by the FOTA coin.