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Dignity is a gold backed stablecoin. It is one of several digital tokens created by Cryptobontix, that attempt to reduce price volatility by pegging them to a physical asset.

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Dignity is a stablecoin pegged to gold, that was developed by the company Cryptobontix. Each DIG token is pegged to the worth of 0.02445 grams of gold, which was worth exactly $1.00 at the time of the Dignity whitepaper.
Cryptobontix's portfolio of stablecoins are based on a partnership with bullion suppliers. Each individual token acts as a security on a 15-year convertible mortgage. The DIG token is pegged to the value of gold. Every year, 1/15th of the tokens can be redeemed for gold valued at around $1.00.
Cryptobontix does not actually own all of the physical gold. The company plans on spending its profits on acquiring the actual bullion that token holders will have the option of converting.

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