by BitPesa

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What problem does this service solve?

BitPesa uses digital currency to allow individuals and businesses to send payments cheaper and more efficiently in several African countries.

Company Details

  • BitPesa
  • Founded 2013
  • Nairobi
  • Using blockchain to facilitate international payments and foreign exchange.

About BitPesa

BitPesa is a trend setting company that has been on the forefront of using blockchain to create practical payment solutions in several African countries. BitPesa was the first blockchain company to be licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK. BitPesa began operating in Kenya, a country that already had a strong mobile payment system. Since then, they've expanded their operations to Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and also have offices in London and Madrid. BitPesa offers a payment platform and digital foreign exchange that takes advantage of blockchain settlement to improve transaction speed and efficiency. BitPesa's payment and exchange solutions have allowed it to become a market-maker in every major African currency. BitPesa's ability to quickly and cheaply process payments, and exchange currencies, has the potential to greatly improve trade between African markets and the the rest of the world.

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