What do you call the series of alphanumeric characters that is saved in a wallet file, is meant to be kept secret, and allows a user to access their cryptocurrency?
The Bitcoin whitepaper was published in 2009 by a person (or group of people) that used the name:
The total supply of Bitcoin is limited to how many bitcoins?
A device that contains a copy of the transaction history of the blockchain is called a:
What is the name of the consensus algorithm that is used by the Bitcoin blockchain to confirm new transactions and add new blocks?
What is the name of the hashing algorithm that is used by the Bitcoin network to encrypt transaction data and to add (mine) new blocks?
What is the name of the programmer that initially proposed Ethereum in a white paper in 2013, with the goal of building decentralized applications?
What aspect of the Ethereum network, which is embedded within each full Ethereum node, allows smart contracts to be executed and enables decentralized applications to function?
What is the name of Ethereum's native cryptocurrency that is generated by the protocol as a reward to miners in its Proof of Work consensus system, and is also used for paying transaction fees?
Here is an example of horizontal multiple response. What sound does a cat make?