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Monero is a blockchain with a strong focus on privacy. It uses an obfuscated decentralized ledger to hide information about transactions. Making it completely anonymous.

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Monero is a decentralized public ledger protocol whose focus is on increased privacy. It was created in 2014, with the goal of establishing a privacy focused blockchain that would allow users to send and receive transactions anonymously, and not pseudo-anonymously, like Bitcoin.
Monero uses an obfuscated public ledger that prevents anyone from determining the source, destination, or amount of payments. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, payments and account balances on Monero remain entirely hidden. This is one reason that XMR, the Monero currency, has attracted some users that are involved with illicit activities.
Monero uses a Proof of Work consensus mechanism that requires less computing power from miners than Bitcoin does. Because of this, mining Monero has become an alternative source of revenue for some websites and apps. .


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