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DASH, which stands for Digital Cash, is a blockchain protocol that is self-governed and self-funding,. It enables anonymous and instant payments that are run on a network of incentivized Masternodes.

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DASH, or digital cash, is a leading anonymity-centric digital currency that was created as a fork of the Bitcoin protocol. DASH allows users to make anonymous transactions instantly with very low fees.
DASH uses a lighter hashing algorithm (X11) and has a block time of 2.5 minutes. This significantly increases transaction time compared to bitcoin. It also introduced a system based on "Masternodes" and "Instasends" that provide incentives to users for securing the network and contributes to making transactions faster.
Users invest 1,000 DASH to host a Masternode, and then receive 45% of the reward for every block that is mined. DASH was designed with a decentralized governance model and a sustainable funding system that allocates a percentage of each block for network development purposes.
Although, Dash has not been able to attract as many developers and financial institutions as other cryptocurrencies, it is well positioned to continue growing and innovating.

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