What problem does this service solve?

Stealth's goal is to create a decentralized payment protocol with improved privacy and transaction speeds.Tarush aims to create a cryptocurrency with improved privacy features.

Token Stats

Company Description

Stealth is a cryptocurrency focused on privacy and and speed. The Stealth blockchain has a Quantum Proof-of-Stake (qPoS) consensus mechanism that is designed to enable almost instant transactions with improved privacy. Validators on the network are assigned a short quantum of time to validate transactions. The protocol combines two types of blockchain ledgers, for different types of transactions, to improve validation speeds on their platform. The network is powered by the XST coin.

Tarush is a cryptocurrency project focused on improving scalability, fungibility, and privacy. Tarush uses an optimized version of the MimbleWimble 2.0 protocol, which has enhanced privacy capabilities. The network is powered by the Tron-based TAS token.