What problem does this service solve?

Pirate Chain uses enhanced cryptography and a privacy focused consensus mechanism to allow users to send digital assets anonymously.DAPS wants to create a privacy-focused blockchain that will improve transaction times and security.

Token Stats

Company Description

Pirate Chain is a privacy focused cryptocurrency that is based on Komodo's dPoW consensus mechanism. Pirate Chain uses ZK-Snark cryptography to secure transactions that are sent on their anonymous, decentralized network.

DAPS, which stands for Decentralized, Anonymous, Payment, System, is developing a privacy focused cryptocurrency. It is currently an Ethereum-based token, but they are planning on releasing their own blockchain to host the project. DAPS uses the Harpocrates protocol to allow users to send and receive DAPS tokens anonymously. DAPS was previously associated with PeepCoin project, but a disagreement between the developers of the project, ended plans for an airswap of the two privacy focused cryptocurrency projects.