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Royal aims to use blockchain to enable fans to invest in artists and earn royalties on their music.

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About is developing a blockchain platform for music investment.'s goal is to use a decentralized, blockchain to shift power in the music industry from middlemen and labels to artists and their fans. The company's co-ownership model will allow fans to invest and own a fraction of their favorite music. Royal’s blockchain platform is based on the idea of limited digital assets (LDAs), that will be held on the blockchain and will record investors' shares of fractional ownership in specific songs and albums. Artists will be able to decide how much of their royalties will be sold to fans as LDAs and how their music will be distributed. Royal will then facilitate the sale of the artists' LDA tokens, and token holders will be entitled to a portion of the royalty payments associated with the artists' work that was registered on the blockchain. The platform will also have a secondary market where tokens will be resold, and artists will have the possibility to buy back their royalty rights. raised a total of $16 million in seed funding, and is backed by the prominent DJ "3LAU".

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