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BRD is digital wallet app for bitcoin. They recently launched the first-ever wallet-based rewards program, built around the BRD token.

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Company Details

  • Bread
  • Founded 2015
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Mobile Crytpo Wallet App

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About BRD

BRD, formerly known as Bread, is an easy to use mobile wallet for Android an iOS. It is free to download and does not require a registration process to begin using it.It connects directly to the bitcoin network, which is different than many other mobile wallets.
BRD offers a touch-ID option for login and generates a new wallet address automatically for every transaction. Users can also buy bitcoin directly through the app.
Although BRD is an easy to use option for beginners looking for a convenient mobile app, the lack of 2-factor authentication and multi-signature transactions, does not make it the most secure choice for securing bitcoin. BRD also does not support other digital currencies. Investors with diversified crypto holdings should look elsewhere.

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