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Cybervein is developing a decentralized data sharing network. Their eventual goal is to create an universal “Internet of Data”.

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About CyberVein

CyberVein is a distributed data network that enables the decentralized management of complex datasets on the blockchain itself. CyberVein's goal is to become a public network of immutable databases, on which information can easily be traded, interconnected, and transformed into structured knowledge.
CyberVein allows multiple parties to process distributed databases that are shared and immutable. CyberVein's databases can be connected, referenced, and moentized. This creates a marketplace for data that can benefit researchers, businesses, and others.
CyberVein's directed acylic graph (DAG) architecture improves upon existing blockchain networks, and enables a larger amount of data to be stored and transmitted by multiple parties. CyberVein has an innovative consensus algorithm called Proof of Contribution (PoC), which gives incentives to nodes to contribute storage resources. Their ledger system consists of a network of interconnected smart contracts that are designed to function independently, but can easily communicate and exchange information between the. CyberVein also uses a data oriented contracting language is a modified version of Solidity that is optimized for data monetization.
CyberVein's innovative twist on data management networks have the potential to be very useful in cases were datasets need to be shared or when data needs to be processed by several parties in parallel. Some examples include machine learning, IoT systems, and cross-industry research.

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