What problem does this service solve?

DATAx wants to improve the digital advertising ecosystem with a blockchain-based platform.

Company Details

  • Cosima Foundation
  • Founded 2018
  • Singapore
  • Blockchain Powered Digital Advertising

Token Stats

About DATx

DATx is cooperating with Avazu to develop a blockchain powered digital advertising platform with cross-chain capabilities. It will have a hybrid model of, centralized and decentralized data storage, that will give users more control of their personal information. DATx will encrypt their details, and use blockchain to improve privacy, transparency, and security for viewers, publishers, and advertisers. DATx will also use transparent machine learning algorithms, decentralized auditing, and incentives based on user attention, to help improve the inefficiencies that currently plague digital advertising.
The network is powered by the DATX token, and is backed by several influential firms, such as Genesis Capital, Qtum, and Game.com.

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