What problem does this service solve?

Venus is a decentralized lending marketplace that algorithmically connects lenders and borrowers.Karma's P2P lending network lowers fees by connecting lenders and borrowers directly.

Token Stats

Company Description

The Venus token enables the Venus Protocol; an algorithmic-based money market system designed to bring a complete DeFi lending and credit system onto the Binance blockchain. The Venus token (XVS) is designed to be a fair launch cryptocurrency, without any designated allocations to a founding team. XVS tokens can only be earned by contributing liquidity to the protocol. Venus allows users to deposit collateral to the network that can then be borrowed by other users that are required to place tokens as collateral. This creates a secure lending environment with the lender receiving an interest payment that is distributed per block, and the borrower paying an interest on the cryptocurrency they borrowed.

Karma is developing a decentralized P2P lending network, powered by the KRM token. It connects lenders and borrowers in a blockchain-based lending platform that is more transparent and has lower fees. Karma allows users to act in a variety of roles within their lending ecosystem, and loans can be tailored in a variety of ways.