What problem does this service solve?

SALT is a lending platform that allows people to use their crytpocurrency assets as collateral to receive loans.Sovryn aims to allow DeFi traders more opportunities to earn interest on their assets by leveraging Bitcoin's larger liquidity pool; as opposed to most DeFi solutions that are built on Ethereum.

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Company Description

SALT is a crypto lending platform that is powered by the SALT token. It allows users to leverage their blockchain assets to secure cash loans, and get fast liquidity without having to sell them.

Sovryn is a decentralized exchange and derivatives market. It is a permisionless and non-custodial platform for earning interest on Bitcoin and other Bitcoin based currencies. Sovryn is built on the Bitcoin sidechain RSK, and hopes to advance the decentralized finance space by leveraging the larger market cap and liquidity pool of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Traders can trade, borrow, and lend bitcoin, USDT and RSK’s dollar on chain (DOC) stablecoin.





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