What problem does this service solve?

SALT is a lending platform that allows people to use their crytpocurrency assets as collateral to receive loans.Chintai allows EOS holders to earn passive income by lending out their bandwidth resources to DApp developers.

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Company Description

SALT is a crypto lending platform that is powered by the SALT token. It allows users to leverage their blockchain assets to secure cash loans, and get fast liquidity without having to sell them.

Chintai is a community owned EOS token leasing platform. It connects the EOS community with DApp developers through instant, algorithmic, transaction execution that delegates bandwidth resources. The platform is sponsored by many of the largest EOS Block Producer candidates.





How likely is it that this platform will exist in 10 years?
How effective is this platform in connecting supply and demand?
How does this platform compare to other decentralized lending services?
How likely is it that you would use this type of lending service?
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