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Sirin Labs is developing blockchain based consumer electronic products that are secure and open source. Their new phone has a built in cold wallet for cryptocurrencies, and has similar specs to other popular phones on the market.

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  • Sirin Labs
  • Founded 2014
  • Israel
  • Consumer electronics bringing blockchain to the mass market.

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About Sirin Labs

Sirin Labs is a consumer electronics company that aims to bring blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to the general public and also encourage mass adoption. Their goal is to become a key player in the development of secure, open source consumer electronics. Sirin Labs has been the focus of a lot of hype and has received widespread press coverage for the last several years. This is partly due to the $13,000 SOLARIN phone that was recognized as one of the most secure phones ever made, and was specifically marketed to the ultra-luxury sector. The company also had one of the most successful ICOs ever, raising close to $158 million. Sirin Labs is now manufacturing an Android-powered mobile phone and desktop computer that fully integrate blockchain and cryptocurrencies in their design. Sirin is due to release the their new mobile phone, called the Finney. It is named after the first Bitcoin adopter ever, Hal Finney, who was a key figure in the history of blockchain. The phone will cost $999. This price is comparable to Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy. The Finney phone has a native operating system that is blockchain-based and includes secure P2P resource sharing, a built-in cold wallet for crypto wallet, and a distributed ledger platform connecting it to its network. The SIRIN Token (SRN) is a utility token that will be the primary currency used within both the SIRIN operating system and their consumer devices.

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