What problem does this service solve?

ICONOMI's goal is to encourage digital asset adoption. ICONOMI enables users to easily invest in a combination of assets through a type of index fund.BitGo provides secure cryptocurrency solutions for institutional clients., including: private blockchains, business wallets, self-managed storage, and API's.

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Company Description

ICONOMI is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to invest is a diversified portfolio of digital assets. They want to make it easier to invest in a range of digital assets without having to manage multiple exchange accounts. ICONOMI's digital asset management platform facilitates this process, and offers investors diversified baskets of digital assets called Digital Asset Arrays (DAAs).
These baskets consist of various combinations of diital assets. users can create their own variations of digital assets and offer them to other ICONOMI users. This adds a social aspect to the platform that allows DAA creators to profit when others invest in them. DAAs create a type of index fund that allow users to easily diversify their digital holdings to maximize price stability or to achieve other investing goals.

BitGo is a financial services company that focuses on digital currencies, and is backed by several large investment companies. They offer a variety of investment services to help institutional clients manage cryptocurrencies, including security, compliance, and custodial solutions. BitGo launched the first multi-signature hot wallet in 2013. It is one of the largest processors of on-chain Bitcoin transactions, processing 15% of all global Bitcoin transactions. BitGo supports over 100 tokens and coins, and works with many of the largest exchanges in the industry. The company also provides custodial and trust services for digital assets.