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OKEx is one of the largest exchanges by trading volume. It provides hundreds of token and futures trading pairs, and has become one of the most important exchanges.

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OKEx is a relatively new exchange that allows cryptocurrency investors to trade a wide variety of fiat and crytpo pairs. Although it is based in China, and caters to the Chinese market, it has a platform that is easy to use in all languages, and has quickly become one of the largest exchanges, by volume, in the world. The highly secure platform provides high liquidity, and has a number of other advantages.
OKEx has a user friendly interface that can be understood by all traders, regardless of their experience. Their platform is a good option for new crypto users because it supports trading of one of the widest varieties of different cryptocurrencies. It is also a good option for professional investors and day traders. They offer high trading limits, future contracts, and a number of other trading tools, including a block explorer.
Withdrawal Fee: 0.1% with a minimum of $15
Trading Fee: 0.2%

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