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Ethfinex is an exchange and community discussion platform that was created by Bitfinex, and is focused exclusively on ERC-20 tokens.

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Ethfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange focused on ERC20 compatible tokens that was created by Bitfinex. It aims to be, not only a trading platform, but also a community discussion platform for ERC20 compatible tokens and ethereum-based ICOs.

Ethfinex is a hybrid decentralized exchange. Traders can choose between trustless on-chain settlement, or high speed centralized execution. By using decentralized remote portals, users can access the Ethfinex order book without actually having to deposit their funds with Ethfinex. Ethfinex also has a robust API, remote portals, and margin trading.

Ethfinex wants to be a hub for the overall ERC20 token community. It is a good option for those looking to trade tokens, but it also a platform that can be used by Ethereum developers for their crowd-sourcing needs.

Ethfinex has a user-friendly interface but it is primarily designed for intermediate and advanced traders. It offers margin trading, a crowdfunding funding market, and an active discussion forum about ERC-20 projects. It has a wide range of order types available, including the basic market, limit and stop loss orders.

Ethfinex has a variety of security features, such as cold wallets that require multiple managers to unlock. There are also a number of automatic verification tools in place, and 2-factor authentication is encouraged for all accounts.
Ethfinex features its own token, the Nectar tokens (NEC). NEC tokens are given for free to token market makers in proportion to the volume of trades they participate in on the exchange.

Trading Fees: Tiered system depending on volume ranging from 0.1%-025%

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