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Coinmama is an easy to use and reputable exchange, with a straightforward platform. It offers instant purchases for bitcoin and ethereum with credit cards.

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About Coinmama

Coinmama has become a reputable and reliable option for beginners looking to purchase bitcoin and ethereum. It has an easy to use interface, the option of instant purchasing via credit cards, and real time customer service. These reasons make it a very attractive option for people looking to get in to the world of cryptocurrencies easily.
Coinmama has a number of considerable disadvantages though. The very high fees, that can amount to 10%, on credit card purchases, are the main one. (There are no other funding options) They also don’t offer a wallet service, have no mobile application, or any additional trading tools.
Registering for an account on Coinmama is simple and straightforward. There is also a verification process, but it tends to be much shorter and less time consuming than other exchanges.
After users have opened an account and purchased bitcoin or ethereum, the funds are instantly transferred to a third-party wallet. This makes Coinmama very secure, as there is little chance of a breach.
Coinmama is able to process credit card payments because they require personal information and a government-issued ID. Furthermore, the privacy policy is very draconian; they reserve the right to obtain credit information about users before allowing them to purchase on the exchange and collect as much private information about users as they deem necessary before allowing them to purchase.
Despite this fact, it provides a basic on-ramp for users looking to buy bitcoin and ethereum for the first time.

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