What problem does this service solve?

UNUS SED LEO aims to increase the transparency of how revenues from Bitfinex, Tether, and its related entities are allocated.B2BX provides clients with white label solutions for cryptocurrency trading professionals.

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Company Description

UNUS SED LEO is an initiative started by Bitfinex that is focused on increasing the exchange's transparency. UNUS SED LEO means "one, but it's a lion" in Latin. The iniatative was created to increase the transparency of the exchange's finances, following a controversy related to the allocation of reserves from the stablecoin Tether, that was created by the same parent company as the Bitfinex exchange, iFinex. It is built around a token burning redemption mechanism which is tied to the parent company's revenues. Their dashboard provides insights into the fees that are collected, and the LEO tokens that are burned.

B2BX is a cryptocurrency exchange and B2B crypto-trading service provider. In addition to its exchange, the company offers financial companies the tools and services they need to set up and manage their operations. The B2BX exchange offers B2B token holders a 35% discount on trading fees.