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QUOINE is a blockchain technology company that operates 3 exchange platforms that are aimed at increasing liquidity in cryptocurrency markets.Coinsbank is a cryptocurrency platform that offers a wallet, payment services, and an exchange.

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Company Description

QUOINE is a Japanese fintech company that is developing several liquidity focused trading platforms. QUOINE was the first cryptocurrency company to be officially licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency.
QUOINE runs 2 exchanges and a platform called LIQUID, that is designed to solve the problems related to liquidity in crypto markets. Quoinex is a fully regulated Crypto-Fiat exchange and was the first exchange to ever be audited by Deloitte. Qryptos is a crypto-only exchange.
The company's exchanges have an attractive fee structure

Trading Fee: 0 for base currency pairs, 0.25% for BTC and BHC pairs, 0.1% for ETH pairs
Withdrawal Fee: $5/5 Euros on fiat currency, Free on Crypto withdrawals
Number of Tokens/Coins: 50

QUOINE's platforms are powered by the QASH utility token.

CoinsBank is a cryptocurrency platform that offers several services, including: a wallet, payment services, and exchange. CoinsBank was formerly known as BIT-X, but underwent a re-branding effort in 2016. The company operates in Scotland but is registered in Belize.

Trading Fee: 0.5%
Withdrawal Fee: 0.001 BTC
Number of Markets: 7

The fees are significantly higher than other exchanges.





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