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QUOINE is a blockchain technology company that operates 3 exchange platforms that are aimed at increasing liquidity in cryptocurrency markets.B2BX provides clients with white label solutions for cryptocurrency trading professionals.

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Company Description

QUOINE is a Japanese fintech company that is developing several liquidity focused trading platforms. QUOINE was the first cryptocurrency company to be officially licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency.
QUOINE runs 2 exchanges and a platform called LIQUID, that is designed to solve the problems related to liquidity in crypto markets. Quoinex is a fully regulated Crypto-Fiat exchange and was the first exchange to ever be audited by Deloitte. Qryptos is a crypto-only exchange.
The company's exchanges have an attractive fee structure

Trading Fee: 0 for base currency pairs, 0.25% for BTC and BHC pairs, 0.1% for ETH pairs
Withdrawal Fee: $5/5 Euros on fiat currency, Free on Crypto withdrawals
Number of Tokens/Coins: 50

QUOINE's platforms are powered by the QASH utility token.

B2BX is a cryptocurrency exchange and B2B crypto-trading service provider. In addition to its exchange, the company offers financial companies the tools and services they need to set up and manage their operations. The B2BX exchange offers B2B token holders a 35% discount on trading fees.





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