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KuCoin is an exchange with a unique user reward token.BCEX is a top 20 exchange focused on the Chinese market.

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Company Description

KuCoin is a crytpo-to-crypto exchange that offers traders a reward system through its KuCoin Shares token. Kucoin has a wide variety of cryptocurrencies listed and has a reputation as an early adopter of many tokens. This provides good opportunities for investing in coins and tokens that re relatively new to crypto markets.
KuCoins's native cryptocurrency, KuCoin Shares (KCS), gives holders up to a 30% discount on trading fees, and entitles holders to receive dividends from all trading fees that are collected on the exchange. KuCoin distributes 50% of all trading fee revenues from the platform.

Withdrawal Fee: 0.0005 BTC and 0.01 ETH
Trading Fee: 0.1%
Number of Markets: 377

BCEX is a top 20 exchange that is aimed at the Chinese crypto market.

Trading Fee: 0%-0.2%
Withdrawal Fee: 0%-0.5%
Number of Tokens/Coins: 51



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