What problem does this service solve?

eosDAC is one of the 21 EOS block producers that help govern the EOS blockchain.

Company Details

  • eosDAC Ltd
  • Founded 2018
  • Anguilla, West Indies
  • Community-Owned EOS Block Producer

Token Stats

About eosDac

eosDAC is an EOS block producer operating as a decentralized autonomous community (DAC). eosDAC tokens confer membership and control of the DAC with elected custodians and other mechanisms. It is one of the largest vote recipients on the EOS network; with around 1.75% of all votes. The DAC's constitution outlines the mechanisms for token holders to register their membership and vote for custodians. It also enables custodians to make decisions and payments, and empowers eosDAC to request identifying information from its token holders in order to comply with regulatory requirements in jurisdictions where it may be required. They operate a combination of cloud and bare metal servers that will be located in South Korea, Romania, and the UK.

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