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NULLS is a blockchain development platform with pluggable features. NULLS uses modular smart contracts that can be customized for business needs, and make it easier for users to develop decentralized applications.

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Company Details

  • NULS
  • Founded 2017
  • Singapore
  • Customizable Blockchain Infrastructure

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About NULS

NULS is creating a blockchain coding environment that will be easy to use. NULS wants to make a blockchain development platform that will offer a solution for developing decentralized applications, at a lower cost and with less technical knowledge. The company has teams working in several countries and the platform is powered by the NULS token.
NULLS uses modular smart contracts that are flexible and can be customized for business needs. NULLS provides a coding environment where developers can utilize multi-chain mechanisms, cross-chain consensus, and other technical blockchain features with less technical knowledge.

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