What problem does this service solve?

Solana allows developers to create DApps with faster performance by separating the consensus process from the recording of transactions.Nebulas focuses on searches among decentralized applications, smart contracts, and blockchain assets, as well as creating smart contracts that can be upgraded.

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The Solana blockchain uses an innovative Proof of History mechanism to confirm transactions that are recorded on the network. Solana is designed to separate the consensus process from the flow of transactions. This is done with a recursive, verifiable delay function that hashes incoming transactions, and recording information as a function of time. Every node on the Solana blockchain is assigned a cryptographic clock that enables the network to determine the time and ordering of transactions, without having to wait for consensus from other nodes. By separating the process of transaction verification from their recording, a higher throughput is achieved without sacrificing network security.

Nebulas is an innovative project that aims to be the first blockchain search engine. It has been called the “Google for Blockchains." They want to build a self-evolving blockchain system that is based on incentives and will also provide a development infrastructure. The company developed two concepts to achieve their goal: Rank and Force. Similar to Google's PageRank, Nebulas Rank will be a measure of overall value for blockchains. While Nebulas Force, will be a solution that will support smart contracts, and will be able to adapt to market demands. This will prevent forking from occurring because new technologies can be incorporated and bugs can be fixed without changing the underlying code. The development system will provide all of the essential tools needed to create distributed applications. One of the key components of the platform is the incentive structure that has a Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) and a Proof of Devotion (PoD) protocol that will reward users with Nebulas tokens to create quality applications. Nebulas was created by Hitters Xu, who is also the founder of NEO, and is an important figure in the Chinese blockchain community.