What problem does this service solve?

BlockMason gives developers easy to use and standardized smart contracts for developing credit/debit related DApps.Penta does not appear to solve any problems better than existing blockchain platforms.

Token Stats

Company Description

BlockMason is a technology company that provides users with a blockchain base-layer for creating DApps. The Blockmason Credit Protocol provides a standardized smart contract platform for recording credit and debt obligations on the blockchain. Their network is powered by the Ethereum-based BCPT token. BlockMason also created Lndr, which is a peer-to-peer bill-splitting and expense-sharing App that is available on iOS and Android.

Penta is developing a blockchain platform that DApps can be built on. It will have a Dynamic Stake Consensus (DSC) algorithm to confirm transactions. The Penta network is currently powered by the Ethereum-based PNT token.