What problem does this service solve?

BlockMason gives developers easy to use and standardized smart contracts for developing credit/debit related DApps.BOScoin wants to make a protocol for better smart contracts that will ensure that these blockchain-based agreements will always provide a binary response.

Token Stats

Company Description

BlockMason is a technology company that provides users with a blockchain base-layer for creating DApps. The Blockmason Credit Protocol provides a standardized smart contract platform for recording credit and debt obligations on the blockchain. Their network is powered by the Ethereum-based BCPT token. BlockMason also created Lndr, which is a peer-to-peer bill-splitting and expense-sharing App that is available on iOS and Android.

BOScoin is a South Korean company that is developing a self-evolving cryptocurrency platform for trust contracts. It uses an embedded decision-making system called Congress Network and has a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. BOScoin is working to construct an algorithm for smart contracts that will ensure binary responses. BOScoin tries to solve this problem of undecidability of smart contracts by using a domain-specific language understandable by the average user. It also tries to mathematically demonstrate the decidability of its smart contracts’ implementation. To do this, they've introduced the concept of Trust Contracts; which are securely executable contracts based on a technology called Owlchain.