What problem does this service solve?

Aergo's goal is to create a better DApp development platform.Bytom aims to create a secondary market for physical assets registered to their blockchain

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Company Description

Aergo is developing an SQL based smart contract platform that will allow developers to more easily share data and create DApps. Their platform will combine elements of public and private blockchain architectures and will have a hybrid BFT/dPoS consensus mechanism. The ERGO Hub will serve as a blockchain hosting service that will allow users to test and deploy their own blockchains. Their network is currently powered by the Etherem-based AERGO token.

Bytom is a Chinese company that is developing a blockchain platform that is specifically designed to register securities and physical assets to the Bytom blockchain. Bytom aims to create a secondary markets for these blockchain registered assets and will allow them to be tokenized.
Bytom is compatible with other platforms and enables high transaction speeds and anonymity.
One of Bytom's key features is its improved PoW consensus algorithm that is compatible with AI-enhanced ASIC chips. This allows for more efficient mining that uses less energy.