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Aergo's goal is to create a better DApp development platform.Blockstream is an influential blockchain technology company that is one of the largest contributors to the Bitcoin Core. It offers software and hardware solutions, as well as professional services.

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Aergo is developing an SQL based smart contract platform that will allow developers to more easily share data and create DApps. Their platform will combine elements of public and private blockchain architectures and will have a hybrid BFT/dPoS consensus mechanism. The ERGO Hub will serve as a blockchain hosting service that will allow users to test and deploy their own blockchains. Their network is currently powered by the Etherem-based AERGO token.

Blockstream is a private, for profit, blockchain technology company, that has played a key role in helping to develop, and fund, many of the key features of the Bitcoin Core platform. Blockstream is focused on developing bitcoin applications and has raised significant funding from several large investment funds. The company also employs several developers that are very influential within the Bitcoin Core development project. This, as well as being of Bitcoin's largest donors, has led to some criticism about conflicts of interest.
Blockstream is developing a number of Bitcoin applications that are intended to encourage adoption and improve transaction times on the bitcoin network. Their primary focus is on Sidechains, which are are extensions to existing blockchains that improve their functionality. The company is also working closely with industry leaders to create the Bitcoin Lightning system that will support higher trading volume and faster transactions on the bitcoin network. Blockstream is also developing a data feed, satellite network, and other applications that they hope will make blockchain more accessible.