What problem does this service solve?

OAX wants to use a shared and distributed order book to add liquidity to their decentralized exchange.DEW allows users to transparently trade a variety of assets without an intermediary.

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Company Description

OAX is developing a decentralized exchange that will address some of the privacy and security risks of centralized exchanges. Their platform will have a shared and decentralized order book, and will include the following features: a mechanism for credit risk assessment, structured dispute resolution, and a collateralized deposit system. OAX will apply the 0x protocol to improve liquidity for assets on the platform. Orders will be broadcasted publicly, and will be viewed by all potential takers. ddecentralized exchange model

DEW is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade blockchain-based assets as well as stocks, futures, and other securities. Asset transfers are executed according to rules established in smart contracts, and a chain-based clearing mechanism ensures transparency. The DEW network, and exchange, is powered by the Ethereum-based DEW token.