What problem does this service solve?

OAX wants to use a shared and distributed order book to add liquidity to their decentralized exchange.Bitshares is an open source blockchain platform designed to increase access to banking services.

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Company Description

OAX is developing a decentralized exchange that will address some of the privacy and security risks of centralized exchanges. Their platform will have a shared and decentralized order book, and will include the following features: a mechanism for credit risk assessment, structured dispute resolution, and a collateralized deposit system. OAX will apply the 0x protocol to improve liquidity for assets on the platform. Orders will be broadcasted publicly, and will be viewed by all potential takers. ddecentralized exchange model

BitShares is a blockchain platform designed to assist the unbanked. It offers both banking and exchange services. Bitshares was originally launched in 2014 by Dan Larimer, an influential blockchain developer that has also worked on EOS and Steemit. It is a community run open source project.
Bitshares' goal is facilitate greater access to financial services. The Bitshares exchange is a decentralized platform that was designed to be scalable and ensure low transaction fees.
Bitshares has a delegated Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. Aside from a decentralized asset exchange, it also offers users the ability to issue their own assets, price-stable digital currencies, and flexible crypto payment options.
The Bitshares decentralized exchange and banking ecosystem is powered by the BTS token.