What problem does this service solve?

The Nash Exchange allows users to buy and sell a variety of digital assets.Republic Protocol aims to facilitate large cryptocurrency orders with minimal effects on their market price.

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Company Description

Nash Exchange, formerly knows as NEX, is a decentralized exchange. Nash's decentralized exchange is powered by an off-chain matching engine that allows users to trade a variety of digital assets across several blockchains. The exchange's NEX token, gives holders the opportunity to stake tokens to earn a portion of the fees generated.

Ren, previously known as the Republic Protocol, is a decentralized dark pool exchange protocol; designed to support large volume trades, without effecting the prices of the assets being traded. The blockchain-based, dark pool protocol has built in privacy mechanisms and is provably fair. It uses secure multi-party computation (sMPC), and a network of Darknodes, to match orders without exposing their volume or price. Their private order book will also enable cross-chain trades of tokenized assets. The Singapore based company is also developing RenX, a decentralized dark pool exchange, built with the Republic Protocol. REN is the network's utility token. It provides security to the network, and is staked to enable the operation of a Darknode in the network.