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The Scroll Network is an Enterprise compatible blockchain MainNet that allows for an alternative to centralized server data storage. It uses a distributed system of nodes confined by IoT devices to provide greater control of data.

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The Scroll Network is a blockchain-based data storage and management platform built on Ethereum. Scroll uses their semi-private blockchain network to address the growing complexities and inefficiencies of current big data systems. The Scroll Network's algorithm adjusts the number of nodes available to host incoming network traffic, depending on demand. All data is encrypted, and there are a variety of permission and monitoring features to further ensure privacy.
The Scroll Network uses a P2VP consensus model that is comprised of a variety of node types. Each node represents an account with certain privileges assigned to it. Together, the nodes confirm transactions and prevents third-party hackers from accessing or modifying the data stored on the network. Scroll also uses the Hypernode Protocol to prioritize the confirmation of transactions. The network is powered by the Data Transaction Network token.

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