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Digix wants to create a digital token will less price volatility. By tokenizing gold on the Ethereum blockchain, they hope to create a digital asset with stable value.

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Digix is digital gold on the blockchain. By combining the historical stability of a valuable physical asset with the advantages of a distributed ledger, Digix allows users to benefit from the advantages of both commodities and digital tokens.
Digix has an innovative Proof of Asset (PoA) protocol that allows it it tokenize a physical asset. The PoA protocol tracks an asset through its chain of custody, and enables anyone to verify its existence without an intermediary. Since every DGX = 1 Gram of gold, their platform can be used as a secure and transparent digital marketplace for gold.
Digix is also behind DigixDAO, a platform that allows users to contribute to building a blockchain-based digital gold payment system. They hope to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will participate in creating this platform. Instead of issuing shares, the organization will be run by DigixDAO token holders.

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