by Nexty Pte Ltd

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What problem does this service solve?

Nexty wants to use blockchain to make it easier for e-commerce startups to raise funds.

Company Details

  • Nexty Pte Ltd
  • Founded 2017
  • Vietnam
  • Decentralized Crowdfunding For E-Commerce

Token Stats

About Nexty

Nexty is building a decentralized crowdfunding platform for e-commerce startups. Nexty's fund raising platform will eliminate middlemen and will feature no transfer fees, instant transfer of capital, and price stabilization mechanisms. Nexty's network will be based on a dual currency confirmation system, with two cryptocurrencies: NTY & NTF. NTY is intended for daily transactions and NTF is designed for confirming transactions. Nexty's native blockchain has an innovative Proof-of-Foundation (PoF) consensus mechanism, where mining rewards are generated by calculating the computing power contributed by nodes involved in the transaction confirmation process.

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