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Hshare is a dual-chain cryptocurrency that wants to facilitate exchanges of value across blockchains and other decentralized networks.

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Company Details

  • Hshare
  • Founded 2017
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Dual-Chain Cryptocurrency

Token Stats

About HyperCash

Hshare is the token that was released in an ICO for the development of the Hcash (Hyper Cash) project. Hcash will be a dual-chain cryptocurrency that will have a side chain for both blockchain-based and other decentralized networks. Hcash is a community driven platform that is designed to exchange value and data across these platforms. Hcash's dual sidechain consists of a blockchain and a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) network. It's designed to facilitate exchanges of value between blockchain-based and non-blockchain decentralized systems with a high degree of privacy and encryption. Hcash's dual networks will offer addresses that are inter-operable with other common cryptocurrencies, allowing users to send and receive various currencies in their Hcash wallet.
Hcash has a hybrid PoW and PoS consensus algorithm that combines verification and governance features of both mechanisms.

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