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Substratum is building an open-source platform for the decentralized internet that will provide unrestricted and uncensored access to content. Their goal is to establish a decentralized hosting network that will prevent censorship on the web.

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Substratum is developing a blockchain-based network that will be able to deliver secure content to anyone, without the need for Tor or VPNs. Their open-source platform for the decentralized web enables free, uncensored, and unrestricted access to content for everybody.
Substratum's decentralized content delivery network is based on an innovative system of nodes that transmit secure content, and are paid with cryptocurrency, on a pay per click model. Nodes are paid for contributing their computing resources to the network and users are able to access website and apps on any browser.
The network is self governed and powered with the native SUB token. Substratum has a native payment system that allows nodes to convert SUB tokens to their preferred digital token.

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