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Elastos' goal is to use blockchain to reduce the influence of large monopolies on the internet.

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Elastos is developing a blockchain-based operating system for the new internet. Elastos wants to reduce the influence of large centralized monopolies such as Google and Facebook, and to allow users to have more control of their online data and identities.
Elastos envisions the internet as the base-layer infrastructure rather than as an application. Their goal is to build a decentralized internet infrastructure that will separate network communications from application computing. By prohibiting applications from having direct access to the network, overall security will be increased.
The Elastos blockchain assigns all users, DApps, and devices their own decentralized ID, and replaces the internet's current TCP/IP protocol with a decentralized protocol that is more transparent and secure.
Elastos has received significant investment from NEO, Foxconn, and several other influential companies. The platform is powered by the ELA token.

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