What problem does this service solve?

Decent is a blockchain-based content distribution platform. They want to create a more efficient and transparent system for content creators, publishers, and users.

Company Details

  • Decent Foundation
  • Founded 2015
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Decentralized Content Distribution Platform

Token Stats

About Decent

Decent is developing a decentralized content distribution platform with a native blockchain. It will allow anyone to buy, sell, or share content without intermediaries. Decent runs on a Proof of Custody blockchain, that is powered by its native coin, Decent (DCT). DCT is used to view and publish content. Content creators can upload media and choose a price that users can pay to download. The file is then uploaded and encrypted to the network. Publishers (miners) host the content, and users can download it. Decent also has a reputation system that is designed to facilitate the distribution of relevant content to users.

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