NBA Top Shot

by NBA and Dapper Labs

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    What problem does this service solve?

    NBA Top Shot engages NBA fans by allowing them to collect unique, blockchain-based virtual trading "cards."

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    About NBA Top Shot

    NBA Top Shot is a blokchain based collectible platform. It is officially licensed by the NBA, and was developed by Dapper Labs, the company behind the popular CryptoKitties game, and Flow blockchain. Top Shot's collectibles are similar to traditional trading cards and are called "moments." They are essentially virtual sports cards, that contain short highlight clips, with 3D animations, and player stats. Top Shot moments are registered on the Flow blockchain to ensure transparency in production and verify the authenticity of these digital collectibles, known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).
    Each NBA Top Shot moment is given a serial number to indicate how many are produced. Lower serial numbers are considered more valuable. Serial numbers that match players' jersey numbers also tend to be more valuable. The NBA Top Shot platform includes a marketplace that enables collectors to make transactions, with Dapper Labs taking a 5 percent cut of peer-to-peer sales. It has already attracted a group of devoted fans, including crypto enthusiasts and traditional card collectors.

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