Chainsights New York DeFi Conference Recap

ChainSights New York DeFi Conference Recap

The ChainSights Fintech and blockchain summit took place in New York City on October 10, 2019, and brought together blockchain and fintech innovators from all over the world

ChainSights New York featured over 30 industry leaders from the fields of Blockchain and Fintech. Experts in the fields of regulation, finance, and media. Along with some of the leading companies from Crypto, AI, and robotics. The event was organized by ChainDD.

This year’s conference focused on a variety of topics, including: the evolution of the DeFi landscape and the state of regulation in blockchain. 

The keynote speaker was Roel Campos; former head of the SEC. Campos  offered some great analysis on the state of blockchain regulation on the same day that the IRS released its first Crypto tax guidelines in 5 years. Campos spoke about the challenges of creating a regulatory environment that protects investors and encourages innovation.

Among the more interesting panel discussions was about the Development of the DeFi Landscape. Speakers from Galaxy Digital, CoinFund, Bond One, and OpenFinance discussed the growing interest from mainstream  investors as the ecosystem continues to evolve.